We’ve shipped in a fleet of Cushmans, Rickshaws and Tuk Tuks just in time for the
Inaugural Tuk Tuk Goose Chase. The three-wheeled trucks have been tuned up and spit shined and they’re finally ready to race! Please join us on October 28, 2012 to watch and see who will be crowned Head Tukmeister.

It has been a long journey to bring this event to Des Moines. All the hard work has already been done, so sit back, relax, and watch the fun unfold:

What’s a Tuk Tuk?

Tuk Tuk is the nickname given to three-wheeled auto rickshaws that are common in some Asian countries. Traditionally, they are used as a taxis, and are a primary form of transportation in some places. Here in Iowa, we consider them a racing vehicle of sorts.